Specialized in the operation of international logistics related to sea transport, land transport, air transport, multi-modal transport, storage, insurance declaration, etc
express transportation

The express freight express is a special railway freight train with a speed of XX km/h. It runs according to the class of express passenger train and provides direct express service for high value-added products

Maritime transport

Whatever logistics service you need, all you need to do is think of us.We insist: unremitting efforts to extraordinary forward road no end for you to create a maritime transport services
        Air transport

Handling the air transport of all kinds of goods, including centralized consignment, door to door transport, etc.Providing air, land and air transport and other multimodal transport;Undertake the one-stop transportation service of documents, samples and small items
         Road transport

Develop motor transport services and fully utilize various types of transport vehicles to provide customers with all-round, flexible arterial transport services.To regional chain, door to door, particularity, professional customers to provide linkage services


Asian transport logistics


Strong transport capacity
With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company owns several hundred transportation vehicles such as automatic sorting equipment and intelligent security check equipment, and is specialized in international and domestic express logistics and cargo transportation services. With rigorous transportation organization, it is a professional express company integrating supply chain.
Professional logistics service
Our company has the leading information system, the whole process is visible, lets you at any time grasp each business accurate progress.Strict process system, system to prevent errors and accidents, improve emergency response mechanism and security system, timely resolve losses.
New mode of APP data interworking
With multi-temperature control combined transport, distribution capacity and dissimilation services of transport products and modes, with rigorous transport organization, is a professional transport company integrating supply chain.

Local express service

From the pearl river delta to Shanghai, Beijing,

Harbin, the international express special line across the country, postal parcel, EUB, air and sea transport and other goods transport business.

The park business

The company and various colleges and universities to introduce a large number of cross-border and domestic e-commerce business, express transportation and other talents to our park to start business.

Supply chain management

Relying on strong APP big data and customer resources, as well as the overall strength of cargo transportation, production resources and overseas storage and express delivery organizations, the company extends and improves logistics supply chain management to win the trust of customers.

Storage project in the park

Since its establishment, the company has completed more than 300 entrepreneurial parks and warehousing base cooperation projects

To serve our customers

Since the company was founded

Complete 10 customer cooperation and docking services

Company vehicles

Strict transport organization

Provide professional services

Professional team

More than 100 professional teams

A total of 1 million pieces of monthly exports